Company Awarded 25-Year Management Services Deal

Brockwell Energy are pleased to announce their subsidiary company, Brockwell Energy Services Limited, have been awarded a 25-year contract to provide management services to Earls Gate Energy Centre Limited.

Under the new deal Brockwell Energy Services will take responsibility as the lead service provider during the construction and operational phases of the new Energy from Waste (EfW) facility in Grangemouth.

The plant is anticipated to become operational in November 2021, creating up to 500 jobs during construction and 30 long-term jobs in the operational phase.

In the initial phase Brockwell Energy Services will be responsible for overseeing construction and providing finance and administrative support. It will also ensure fuel strategy and procurement is delivered to support commissioning and the transition to operations.

In the operational phase, the company will be responsible for the plant management, fuel procurement, ash disposal and all administrative matters, including accounting, financial modelling, reporting and compliance on behalf of shareholders and lenders.

Brockwell Energy CEO Alex Lambie commented: “This is a complex and prestigious initiative and we are delighted to be providing management services on such a high-profile and flagship project. These services build on the skills and experience we have deployed in assisting the project through its development phase. We look forward to providing high-quality support to the lenders, shareholders and other project stakeholders.”

18 December 2018