Planning was obtained in January 2017 for a 215,000 tonne per annum facility to provide a replacement CHP facility to support the Earls Gate Energy Centre (“EGEC”).

Beside providing a high quality residual waste solution built using the best available proven technology in the world, the heat and power generated by the plant will be used to support four different chemical operators in the Earls Gate site. The plant will be replacing an old gas fired plant. The heat and power off-take will make the Earls Gate plant one of the most efficient in the UK, helping to drive the shift from from fossil fuels to heat and electricity from renewable sources.

We have selected Constructions Industrielles de le Mediterranee (“CNIM”) as the preferred technology provider. CNIM will provide a stable and reliable technology solution that will be well placed to adjust to the inevitable changes in the mix of waste over the next 25 years, as further progress is made in reducing waste and improving recycling rates.

CNIM are a world leading provider of energy-from-waste, and have successfully built plants across the world that comply with the highest standards on emissions, with many of these plants located in the centre of cities.

Whatever changes take place, there will inevitably be an element of residual waste that needs to be safely and cleanly disposed of without the need to resort to landfill or shipping it abroad.


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