Brockwell’s strategy is to carefully select project development and investment opportunities across a range of technologies. Unlike many project development companies, Brockwell are being established to provide the ability to deploy capital to allow projects to be constructed and commissioned.

This allows Brockwell to access the maximum value for investments and assets and have flexibility to choose the optimal holding period. It also allows us to control and manage a project not just through planning but also through construction.

While Brockwell have the capability to develop assets and projects on our own account, we are also open to and skilled in forming joint ventures to pool skills and accelerate or otherwise optimise investment opportunity.

In summary, Brockwell’s strategy is to maximise value and optimise investment returns from energy projects through

  • Development or co-development

  • Structuring and financing

  • Construction and commissioning

  • Trading and energy management value optimisation

  • Provision of technical and management services