A Mindful Approach

  1. Environmental sensitivity, sustainability and efficiency are at the heart of our ethos.

  2. We are mindful of potential for adverse impacts of energy projects, and use survey findings and stand-offs to protect residents and wildlife.

  3. We understand the legacy and burdens placed on local communities through coaling and its decline.

  4. We recognise and respect existing regeneration and environmental improvement initiatives already in place.

  5. We respect concerns over all impacts, in particular cumulative noise, cultural heritage, landscape and visuals.

Minimal Impact of Our Projects

Brockwell strives to minimise environmental impacts of our projects. We will where possible:

  • Use brownfield land for developments, including previous open cast areas

  • Undertake landscape and visual assessments from higher ground to inform design

  • Take into account potential views and set-back from settlements

  • Fund peat habitat restoration, wildlife repopulation and ecology projects

  • With FCS support, replanting will target sustainability and amenity value as well as wood production

  • Provide access tracks for long-term, high-quality recreational routes with signage, to aid links between communities