The safe disposal of waste is essential to protecting the natural environment from pollution and contamination. Brockwell Energy's team have an expertise in the development of complex Energy-from-Waste projects. Brockwell are currently focusing their efforts on the development of two plant in Scotland to deliver capacity to address Scotland's emerging residual waste disposal gap.

Focus projects in areas that have clear disposal capacity shortage

Scotland has led Europe in setting goals and regulation to increase recycling and reduce or eliminate the need for the land filling of waste. Despite this leadership, the development of plants to dispose of waste has been limited by the fragmented nature of the Scottish waste markets. This has prevented a number of plants that have been consented in planning terms from being built because they are in the wrong location to efficiently secure long term sources of waste.

Brockwell has chosen to locate its projects in Scotland to help address this looming capacity gap and has optimised the opportunity to build the plants by selecting locations that are strategically located with good road and rail links, to allow waste to be brought to the sites efficiently.

Embrace and enable improvements in recycling and waste reduction

Brockwell’s plant are planned in careful consideration of the changes that need to take place in the waste and energy sector. We, like everyone, want to see a reduction in the level of waste produced, particularly in for example single-use plastics. We want to see recycling rates increase to the 70% target levels set by Scottish Government. We have designed and sized our plants to take account of the highest possible level of waste recycling.

We have also designed our plant to deal with the likely changing mix of residual waste – our technology means our plant will perform better if single-use plastics in waste is reduced. Our grates are designed to deal with lower calorific value fuels.

Only use the most proven and reliable technology

Our projects are designed to operate without reliance on subsidies, which can result in decisions to select technologies that may not be optimal for the task at hand.

Only work with the best providers of technology in the world

In all our projects we have focused on the use of proven and reliable moving grate combustion technology. In addition to selecting the most robust and proven technology we have also chosen to work with the best providers of that technology in the world.

Comply to the highest standards of environmental compliance

Our chosen technology solutions and providers ensure that we will comply with the highest standards set for environmental emissions.

Key projects: