Breezy Hill Acquires Polquhairn Survey Data following Cancellation of Scheme

Brockwell Energy, the developer of the Breezy Hill Energy wind scheme, near Rankinston, East Ayrshire notes that development of the neighbouring Polquhairn wind scheme has been halted by its developer, Orsted Onshore UK Limited, as the scheme has been deemed unviable, mainly due to aviation constraints. The planning application and consent have now been formally withdrawn.

Brockwell Energy is pleased to have acquired various reports and survey data from Orsted, to see if this can be used to inform and optimise the design and delivery of the Breezy Hill Energy scheme.

Iain Cockburn, CFO of Brockwell Energy, commented “Whilst the cancellation is disappointing for those who have developed and supported Polquhairn scheme over many years, we will work with those stakeholders to see what opportunities exist to absorb learnings and to see if there are opportunities to incorporate areas of the Polquhairn project into Breezy Hill.  If so, we will have the advantage of being able to plan that carefully as part of a larger single coordinated scheme.”

The first public exhibition for the Breezy Hill scheme is taking place in the Rankinston Community Education Centre on Thursday 6 June between 1pm and 7pm. For more details please refer to the Breezy Hill Energy wind scheme, the exhibition invitations and the presentation display boards.