Westfield was the site of one of the UK’s largest open cast coal mines. Mining began in the 1950’s and finished in the 1980’s. The site has been largely derelict since then. Following the collapse of Scottish Coal in 2013, the site was acquired by Hargreaves Services.

Brockwell have an exclusive option to lease the site to develop a number of energy projects. The key focus of development is the construction of a 200,000 tonne energy-from-waste plant. The plant will generate significant activity on the site and will be able to offer cheap renewable heat and power to attract other industrial operators to invest in the site.

Planning permission in outline for the proposed development was obtained in October 2017. The Brockwell team worked closely on the master-planning activity and have ensured the outline permission is tailored and suitable to build a sister plant to the Earls Gate Energy Centre.

Brockwell are excited by the prospects for the plant and believe it could produce a world-class and cost-efficient residual waste disposal option for Fife Council and many of the other Scottish local authorities that have not yet secured such a disposal route for their waste.

Like the Earls Gate plant we will deploy proven moving grate combustion technology to provide a stable and reliable technology solution that will be well placed to adjust to the inevitable changes that take place in the mix of waste over the next 25 years, as further progress is made in reducing waste and improving recycling rates.

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